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Cimetidine Powder 500mg/5cc Scoop 100 Scoops

Cimetadine Powder (Generic Tagamet) (500mg/5cc scoop €“ 100 scoops) may be used to reduce stomach acid production in horses, dogs and camels. Cimetidine may be used to aid in the treatment of existing ulcers and help prevent the development of ulcers. Cimetidine Powder may also be used in the treatment of reflux or to reduce inflammation of the esophagus or stomach. Cimetidine is a histamine H2-receptor antagonist that inhibits stomach acid production.  It is largely used in humans and animals for the treatment of heartburn and peptic ulcers. Cimetidine belongs to the class of medications called histamine H2-antagonists.  Histamine is a natural chemical in the body that stimulates stomach cells to

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Calm It Injection 100mL

DESCRIPTION- Supplement of vitamins and amino acids. COMPOSITION- Calcium Levulinate, Thiamine, (GABA), Tryptophan ACTIONS- To aid in calming nervous race horses and racing camels INDICATIONS- Thiamine (Vitamin B1) plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, and energy production for all cells. Thiamine is most important in the breakdown of pyruvic acid, a waste product in hard working muscles, along with lactic acid. In any situation where carbohydrates are the major energy source, or when glucose is added to the diet, thiamine requirement is increased significantly. Thiamine is essential as part of the coenzyme which is involved in the breakdown of glucose for energy. Thiamine, in conjunction with Vitamin

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Caco Copper Injection (100ml)

CACO COPPER is a sterile injectible hematinic solution for use in horses and dogs as an aid for simple anemia and in cases of slow convalescence from debilitating and exhausting diseases. Composition:  Each 5ml contains Sodium cacodylate 32mg, Ferric Chloride 5mg, Cupric gluconate 1mg, Thymol (preservative) .05%. Features and Benefits: Provides a highly bio-available source of Iron.  Iron is essential to many body processes, particularly cell respiration and oxygen transport in hemoglobin. Increased demand for Iron occurs in many situations, from pregnancy and lactation, hemorrhage, parasitism and increased red blood cell turnover demanded by hard training and racing or performance.  Demand for adequate iron may not be met by normal dietary

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Blood Building Explosion Injection (100ml)

NEW AND IMPROVED FORMULA!  Now with 25mg/ml of Hippiron! Blood Building Explosion is used for rapidly increasing RBC & Hemoglobin in Racehorses & Camels. Blood Building Explosion is an erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (ESA) that is currently being tested in clinical trials for the treatment of anemia associated with chronic renal failure (CRF). These trials are evaluating the ability of this peptide to correct anemia by raising and maintaining hemoglobin (Hgb) levels within a target of 10-12 or 11-12 g/dl, depending on the situation. Actions:  Increases red blood cells and Hgb. Indications:  Horses with a low blood count or anemia. For: Horses and Camels Dosage and Administration: Adult Horses:  Administer 20 ml

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