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Millions in casino revenue earmarked for horse racing

Millions in casino revenue earmarked for horse racing Even so, thoroughbred racing — basically homeless and unable to support itself — now has more money than it knows what to do with, thanks to the political deal struck four years ago that opened Massachusetts to casinos. In all, the thoroughbred horse … Read more on Boston Globe (subscription)   Attorney’s Thoroughbred Investment Leads to Up-Close View of Horse-Racing … While nearly everyone else in the grandstand was focused on American Pharaoh in the Belmont Stakes, John Buckley’s eyes were set on one of his challengers. That’s because Buckley, a New Haven attorney, is part owner of Keen Ice, a colt that

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What to Know About Thoroughbred Race Horses

The thoroughbred breed was actually created during the 17th and 18th centuries when mares from England were bred with Arabian stallions brought to the country. Later, the thoroughbreds were shipped to other countries including America, Australia, Japan, and Europe. Now close to 120,000 new thoroughbred foals are registered around the world each year. In addition to being used as a racehorse, thoroughbreds are also a popular choice for dressage, foxhunting, polo, and jumping events. In some cases, the thoroughbred is crossed with another breed in order to create a horse with certain desired traits. Due to the exertion that thoroughbreds give during their workouts and sports, they often experience medical

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One Loft Race pigeons spread their wings

One Loft Race pigeons spread their wings This season of one-loft pigeon racing was so successful that Don Campbell plans to do it again. Sixty young birds were released from Johnsonville for the season’s pinnacle race. The pigeons, some with names such as Homer Slipsin and Ritchie McCoo, … Read more on Auckland Off to the races: From initial madness, pigeons learn to fly Rich Fortner releases his pigeons from their box for a training flight in the parking lot of St. Michael’s Catholic Church. Fortner uses the church as a “landmark” for the birds so when they come home from a race, they know they’ve almost made it. Read

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Ramadan flashback in Dubai

Ramadan flashback in Dubai He says most of the Ramadan shopping was done at the erstwhile Camel Market or Dabba Market in Deira. “There were lots of kiosks here. People shopped briskly although there were no discounts or offers. The area around Sabka was very happening. Read more on See Dubai’s amazing ‘horseshoe sculptures’ A resident in Dubai for more than 20 years, the Zimbabwean artist works for His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance, at his Arabian and thoroughbred stables, shoeing horses. In his free time … Read more on Candid camera with Holly and Haris Effendi’s

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