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Baycox® for Horses

If your horse is suffering from EPM (Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis), you’ll want to check out our selection of treatments that are designed to counteract the dangerous side effects of this serious infection. EPM was first identified in the mid 60s by biologist Jim Rooney, and was found in high rates among “barn cats” and other domesticated animals that frequent farm or ranch communities. Wild animals (like feral cats, raccoons, opossums, skunks, and armadillos) are also susceptible to contracting EPM, which is caused by a parasite called Sarcocystis neurona. The disease is generally transferred via feces, but horses will contract EPM from water or feed that has been contaminated by the parasite. Cleanliness and sanitation of an equine’s food and water supply is an important step in preventing EPM infection. If you suspect your horse may be infected with EPM, you’ll want to work with your veterinarian to create a course of treatment, likely involving the use of Baycox® for horses.

Some of the more common symptoms of EPM in horses are:

* General weakness, even when not subjected to any real physical stress

* Muscle spasticity, or asymmetry of gait

* Muscular atrophy or a loss of muscular control

* Heavy snoring or apparent airway blockage

* General lameness

EPM is treatable, but if not caught quickly the damage to the central nervous system may be permanent. Your horses are quite valuable, and EPM can cause serious damage to an equine’s intricate nervous system. If you and your veterinarian are ready to prescribe supplements and medications to combat the ravages of this all-too-common disease, consider our range of Baycox® solutions.

Baycox® is the result of extensive research efforts that have focused on the isolation and treatment of EPM in horses. Our solutions represent the gold standard in EPM treatment and have proven highly effective and quite safe when administered appropriately.

The Baycox® solution first damages the intracellular development stages of the parasite, without harming the host animal’s surrounding tissues. The Baycox® 5% oral suspension will not interfere with the horse’s immune development and generally only requires one treatment. By destroying the parasite directly through an easily administered suspension, the Baycox® remedy will not only cure the host animal of EPM - it will also make the infected horse less apt to infect other animals. This is not always the case with other drugs that are used to control or treat EPM. Baycox® is simply the best option when your prized race or work animal is faced with an EPM diagnosis.