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Your horse deserves the best, so browse our wide selection of Blast Off injections to find the perfect solution for your racehorse’s unique needs. You’ll find Blast Off injection solution that will give your prized racehorse the edge it needs to exercise more comfortably, race with greater stamina and power, and even recovery more easily after a grueling training session or competitive race. Consult with your training team before use, but most will support using Blast Off injection in racehorses.

Blast Off injections offer performance enhancement, as well as help with priming muscles for competition, and reducing recovery time. Additionally, Blast Off injections can be incorporated into a regular training schedule to improve muscle efficiency and growth.

Blast Off Extreme works by increasing oxygen uptake by binding hemoglobin and then releasing the oxygen more efficiently. An active peptide gets introduced to the bloodstream and then goes right to the red blood cells. These cells then attract elevated levels of oxygen as they pass through the lungs - then they deliver this boosted oxygen to the muscles in a more efficient manner, and at a higher rate. The heart is able to contract with more force, and that creates the power needed to amplify the flow of highly-oxygenated blood to the rest of the system. The idea is to improve overall energy efficiency and to smooth out the flow of oxygen to the muscles. Maximum uptake, then boosted power output.

Another positive byproduct of Blast Off Extreme is a marked delay in the onset of fatigue after a race or strenuous workout. Horses will see better muscle recovery when Blast Off Extreme is given just 4-6 hours prior to scheduled exercise or a race. This solution is perfect for use as a pre-race or pre-workout supplement when maximum performance is the ultimate goal, as trainers from around the world are quickly discovering the potency of this well-balanced formula.

Our Blast Off Extreme supplement comes in a sterile glass vial in a 30mL dosage. Browse our selection of Blast Off injection products and find a solution for your animal today.