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Muscular Development Store Weighs in on the Effects of Beta-Alanine

Setauket, NY (PRWEB) February 21, 2013

On February 21, Muscular Development Store representative Brian Turner comments on Lisa Freedmans Mens Fitness article discussing the pros of adding sports nutritions newest craze, beta-alanine, to daily regimen.


Beta-alanine is needed for the production of Carnosine, explains Roberta Anding, RD to Mens Fitness. Roberta Anding, RD is an American Dietetic Association spokesperson and sports dietitian for the Houston Texans.


Carnosine is a peptide controlling the bodys muscle pH, and at high levels will reduce fatigue, allowing for longer workouts. Additionally, supplementation with beta-alanine may improve the muscular endurance of older adults, as carnosine declines with age, reports Mens Fitness.


According to Mens Fitness, a research study conducted at the College of New Jersey, comparing the effects of beta-alanine versus another highly popular sports nutrition supplement, creatine. The group taking the beta-alanine saw the most significant gains in lean body mass as well as reduction of body fat percentage, reports Mens Fitness.


Brian Turner, representative of Top Bodybuilding & Protein Supplements store Muscular Development, comments on the article, stating, I just want to weigh in here and say that the numbers dont lie. Between research, sales figures, and the implementation of the supplement into elite pre-workout supplements, its clear that beta-alanine is the real deal.


According to Mens Fitness, a study conducted on football players at the College of New Jersey during pre-season training tests and the group that took the beta-alanine supplements had a lower fatigue rate and a higher training volume throughout the exercises.


Fatigue is certainly among an athletes greatest concerns, states Turner. If a low-cost, easy-to-use supplement like Optimum Nutritions Beta-Alanine or Platinum Pre-Workout can take your game to the next level, then I say use it.


A good fitness regimen must be augmented with proper nutrition. At the Muscular Development Store, we offer products to enhance your workout and maximize the fitness benefits of your routine. We negotiate the lowest possible prices from manufacturers, and are proud to offer bestselling, brand-name sports nutrition products well below the suggested retail price.


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