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Blood Builders

Contact the equine supplement specialists at and learn how horse blood builders can help maximize the performance and wellness of your prized race or work horse. Blood builders for horses are designed to increase important nutrients to make hemoglobin synthesis more efficient. They effectively increase red blood cell count, which then improves the horse’s ability to more easily transport oxygen to the muscles - boosting performance, stamina, cardiovascular efficiency, and respiratory comfort.

Browse our selection of horse blood builders today and discover a comprehensive assortment of horse blood builders that will improve hemoglobin production and quality, while keeping levels high for up to three months after treatment.

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  • Blast Off Red Injection 10mL

  • Blast Off Red Injection 50mL

  • Blood Building Peptide 100mL

  • Green Iron Injection 100ml

  • Hemo 15 Injection 100mL


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  • Hemo Stopper Injection 100mL

  • Iron Sucrose Injection 100mL

  • Oral Epo 250mL

  • Phosphorus w/B12 Injection 100mL

  • Red Cap Blood Builder 15mg

  • Red Tide Blood Builder Injection 10mL

  • Super Shot Injection 10mL


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Supplements like Iron Sucrose injections help to boost iron levels and combat iron deficiencies in race horses, Greyhounds, and camels, while improving immunity and minimizing susceptibility to diseases.

A Blood Building Peptide supplement can increase RBC and hemoglobin in racing camels and race horses, while combating the damaging effects of anemia in a variety of large animals. Hemo Stopper injections effectively reduce EIPH in racing animals, and can be delivered intravenously to ensure maximum efficacy. This supplement works incredibly well with Bleeder Breather, too.

Many breeders or race horse owners swear by Phosphorus and Vitamin B12 supplements as effective blood builders because they act as an effective muscle buffer and muscle energy support supplement for horses that work hard. Energy-rich phosphates help power muscles, while also buffering against the effects of lactic acid accumulation. Plus, the B12 component keeps the metabolism in check and maintains appetite.

Super Shot injectable supplements help horses to reinforce their blood to boost overall performance, endurance, and wellness - and, you can use it to enhance the performance and health of other large racing animals… like dogs or camels. Super Shot minimizes the effects of lactic acid buildup and reduces physical stress symptoms in your hard working horses, dogs, camels, or alpacas, while it also helps to support quicker recovery after surgery or illness.

Support your horse or work animal with one of our leading horse blood building supplements - then watch as your prized performer lives a fuller, happier, and healthier life. For more information about improving your horse’s performance and overall health and wellness, contact us today.