Calming Agents

Explore the finest in calming supplements for horses - all ready for immediate shipping to help address the health and wellness concerns of your prized horses. Whether you own or oversee thoroughbreds, standardbreds, quarter horses, or show animals, horse calming supplements can help to minimize stress and anxiety in these often high-strung animals. If your horse can be characterized as tense, unfocused, edgy, or nervous, consider introducing one of our equine calmer pastes to help take the edge off of your horse’s behavior. By doing so, you’ll improve the disposition and temperament of your horse, while enhancing your steed’s sense of calm, confidence, and focus. If you feel that your horse could benefit from the calming effects of our assortment of healthy supplements, consider our selection of calming supplements for horses below.

Horse calmers like the supplements on this page are specially engineered to safely and effectively empower your horse or other large animal to feel confident and calm - even in normally stressful situations. You can more easily manage your horse’s mood or disposition with horse calming supplements from HorsePrerace.

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