Equine Prime Organic Hemp Pellets 2lb
Organic Hemp Pellets 2lb
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Organic Hemp Pellets 2lb


Support healthy mood and joints with 100% natural, organically harvested hemp.

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– Helps support healthy mood and joints
– 100% natural, organically harvested hemp — no additives or preservatives
– Easy to feed pelleted form
– Organic hemp sourced from Oregon
– 3rd party lab tested for safety, quality, and efficacy
– Made in the U.S.A.

Equine Prime’s Organic Hemp Pellets are pressed from a domestic quality grade hemp meal for ease of giving to horses and other animals that benefit from CBD as well, such as goats, sheep, camels, rabbits, and dogs. Because it is the whole plant, other cannabinoids are present as well giving your animal a better full spectrum product. You can rest easy knowing that hemp is never genetically modified and is grown organically, making this superfood a great option to try for your equine companion.

Dosage is dependent on weight. For horses, the suggested dosing is:

Miniature (<350lbs) = 10 mg Pony (<900lbs) = 20 mg Horse (<1500lbs) = 50 mg XL/Draft (>1500lbs) = 65 mg

Dosing is fed twice daily. It is recommended to start at 1/3 of the dose and work up from there. For more severe conditions higher dosage can be used.

Please Note: Some competitive organizations, such as USEF, restricts the use of CBD. Please check your organization’s specific rules.

1 review for Organic Hemp Pellets 2lb

  1. shannon79

    My horse has Myelopathy and was shaking her head constantly. I put her on magnesium which helped but when I added the hemp pellets, she has almost entirely stopped the head shaking. I am so happy to have found this, I’m able to ride her again!

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