Equine Prime Organic Hemp Powder 1lb
Organic Hemp Powder 1lb
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Organic Hemp Powder 1lb


Support healthy mood and joints with 100% natural, organically harvested hemp.

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– Helps support healthy mood and joints
– 100% natural, organically harvested hemp — no additives or preservatives
– Easy to feed powdered form
– Organic hemp sourced from Oregon
– 3rd party lab tested for safety, quality, and efficacy
– Made in the U.S.A.

Equine Prime Organic Hemp Powder is made from a domestic quality grade hemp meal for ease of giving to horses and other animals that benefit from CBD as well, such as goats, sheep, camels, rabbits, and dogs. Because it is the whole plant, other cannabinoids are present as well giving your animal a better full spectrum product. You can rest easy knowing that hemp is never genetically modified and is grown organically, making this superfood a great option to try for your equine companion.

Dosage is dependent on weight. For horses, the suggested dosing is:

Miniature (<350lbs) = 10 mg Pony (<900lbs) = 20 mg Horse (<1500lbs) = 50 mg XL/Draft (>1500lbs) = 65 mg

Dosing is fed twice daily. It is recommended to start at 1/3 of the dose and work up from there. For more severe conditions higher dosage can be used.

Please Note: Some competitive organizations, such as USEF, restricts the use of CBD. Please check your organization’s specific rules.

11 reviews for Organic Hemp Powder 1lb

  1. maggiep

    He moves around so much better and I hope he is here much longer to enjoy time with him.

  2. Sandy

    I’ve noticed positive effects so far, it’s only been a couple of weeks with 3 of my horses on it. One has arthritis, one is a nervous pacer, and one has a skin allergy. I give it to them daily, I may slightly increase dose. I’ll try another month to see how they respond, but this will most likely be added to their regimen.

  3. Peggy S.

    OMG! I didn’t even realized they make hemp powder for horses and just happened to stumble upon the website and after reading all the benefits and reviews, thought I’d give it a try. It’s been one week and I can’t believe my eyes. I have a 12 year old lesson horse recovering from an injury. When he would walk, he had a limp an when he ran. Now, he walks almost completely normal, and when he runs up from the pasture when I call, he actually runs on that leg! I am so glad I found these powder and will no longer go without!

  4. Lorainne

    I didnt expect to see a difference so quickly. I purchased these because I have a horse who seems to have an mood/anxiety problems after rides. Within the first week I noticed he was more relaxed. Just the other day we had our best ride in a long time! He seems less on edge and less antsy. He’s over all just more pleasant to be around. I have not noticed any swelling either!

  5. Deborah

    I have two horses with arthritis and painful joint conditions. They are both showing improvement in just two weeks.

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