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Equine Supplements

Horses need vitamins to perform at their best, and our selection of equine supplements is designed to help your animal be in top physical condition. Many horses do not get the nutrients they need from their food supply, so it’s critical to introduce equine vitamins into their daily routine. We also offer a large selection of equine supplements designed to improve horse performance, and to address health issues like inflammation of gastrointestinal ulcers. While it can be overwhelming to shop for your horse’s requirements, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to equine supplements so you find the product that’s right for your horse’s health treatment. We offer more than 100 horse performance supplements designed to optimize your animal’s overall health, wellness, and performance. Whether you own a thoroughbred or a working horse, you want your horse in top condition. That’s why we offer products that address horse health issues, including:

* Joint Issues and Inflammation

* Stomach or Colonic Ulcers

* Poor diet or malnutrition

* Pain or sensitivity

* Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis

* Performance problems


And just like us, your horses will require different levels of care and a unique approach to managing their well-being as they move through different stages of life. Consider the following common health issues and our array of equine supplements designed to provide your horses with the highest quality life possible.

Joint Pain or Damage: Horses often experience joint damage or persistent pain due to the basic design of the stifle and hock joints. Inflammation from dietary issues or not getting enough rest between bouts of exercise can overload the joints and cause injury. Bone Spavin is a condition in which one or more bones of the hock becomes inflamed and causes an arthritic condition in the adjacent joint. Virtually all horses that are treated for this condition recover completely, but medication and equine supplements are required. Bog Spavin, Ring Bone, and other joint concerns are easily diagnosed by a veterinarian and can usually be treated quickly. We offer equestrian supplements designed to address joint inflammation and pain.

Stomach or Colonic Ulcers: Horses have relatively small stomachs that produce stomach acid around the clock. In the wild, horses tend to graze slowly all day long, which is why this constant release of stomach acid makes sense. But our horses are often fed on a different schedule, and the basic design of an equine stomach lends itself to ulcers across all varieties of horses. Find equine vitamin supplements that can neutralize the acid-producing pumps in the stomach and create better balance within the animal, which will then allow for plenty of time to heal and protection of the stomach on an ongoing basis.

Equine Diet: Many horses can live up to 30 years old, and a horse’s dietary requirements can change dramatically over the course of a lifetime – especially if they are a high-performance racehorse or draft animal. Good nutrition, including equine vitamins, supplements, and dietary additives can add years to the life of an animal. Your veterinarian can complete a series of tests to determine if your horse is getting all of the required nutrients it needs at this stage in its life.

Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis: EPM is a treatable disease that attacks the central nervous system of the horse. Horses can contract the parasite from feces, contaminated water sources, or feed. If caught early enough, EPM can be treated without permanent damage to the central nervous system. Our Toltrazuril horse health treatment can help treat your affected animal before they suffer permanent damage.

Performance Issues: If you own race or show animals, their well-being and safety is obviously the number one priority – but performance problems can force your equine into working beyond their capabilities and that can put them at risk for serious injury. If your animal is scheduled to compete, you can include equine supplements in their diet to help them more easily recover from a race, have a more productive workout, or simply amplify their energy levels to place as high as possible in a competitive situation.

When you are ready to improve your horse’s health, strength, and endurance, browse our selection of equine supplements and vitamins, and find the ideal assortment at low, direct-to-consumer prices.


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