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ITPP Injection for Horses

Our selection of high-quality ITPP injections for horses are designed to boost your animal’s performance. You’ll find several solutions that safely support racehorses and other racing animals by boosting the amount of oxygen in hypoxic tissue. Racehorses use about one liter of oxygen per minute when walking at a steady pace. When racing, though, racehorses require as much as 60 liters of oxygen per minute - pointing to the energy requirements of a horse at a full-out sprint. Efficiency is the key factor here, and any supplement that can safely and effectively help a racehorse more easily metabolize fuel and boost oxygen transmission the better the end result for the horse. So just as human athletes do all they can to boost airflow to lungs and keep oxygen saturation as high as possible, racehorse trainers must also maximize respiratory efficiency in their competitive animals.

ITPP for horses from HorsePrerace can help by increasing the oxygen-releasing capacity of the equine’s red blood cells - thereby elevating the performance and overall energy levels in your horse. To administer, simply shake well and administer the injection via a slow IV. Or, injections directly into the muscle along with a DMG IV (do not mix the two in one injection) can be used, based on preference. The first dose of ITPP horse injection should be given 4 days (96 hours) prior to the race event or training session, then repeat the dosage 24 hours before the event. Simply store in the refrigerator prior to use.

ITPP, or myo-inositol trispyrophosphate, is a powerful supplement that will increase the amount of oxygen in hypoxic tissues - boosting performance in a variety of competitive animals. HorsePrerace can supply you with an ITPP injection for horses and other supplements that can help your race animals perform at the peak of their potential. We offer a convenient pre-race ITPP injection package that has everything you need to improve your horse's performance.