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Joint Supplements

Our selection of equine supplements offer a variety of many fantastic joint supplements for horses. Our products provide superior joint protection for race or show animals - as well as equine supplements that are ideal for older or arthritic horses that simply need a little extra attention from time to time. To help your animals perform at their best and enjoy the highest levels of comfort possible, consider one of the below joint supplement options.

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  • Glucosamine Injection 100mL

  • Joint Gel Injection 10mL

  • Joint Lube Injection 100mL

  • Joint Motion X Injection 10mL

  • Red Acid Injection 50mL


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5 Item(s)

Glucosamine is an outstanding anti-inflammatory agent that can slow or even reverse the signs of osteoarthritis in older animals, while simultaneously improving serum and synovial fluid glucosamine levels in otherwise healthy animals. This translates into a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic agent that protects the delicate joint cartilage.

Joint Gel is a popular supplement that is produced via a unique bacterial fermentation process. Protein free, and completely devoid of pyrogen and nucleic acids, this pure and natural supplement helps to keep joints lubricated for non-binding performance, and is perfectly suited for use with horses and camels.

Joint Motion X is suitable for use with horses, Greyhounds, camels, alpacas, and pigeons, and contains naturally-occurring components of synovia that helps to maintain the internal environment of the joints. It minimizes joint deterioration after racing, and can help treat joint damage and minimize the effects of old age in race and show animals. Joint Motion X is also well suited for use in animals with traumatic joint injuries.

Pentosan Gold is a linear polymer anti-inflammatory agent that stimulates cartilage synthesis and helps repair and protect the joints. This naturally-derived supplement is prepared from xylan - itself a byproduct of the Beechwood tree, and has been proven to improve joint lubrication and accelerate cartilage healing and repair. Pentosan Gold is formulated for use with horses.

Pentosan Premium is expertly crafted from naturally-occurring ingredients that help to maintain the homeostatic environment within the joint, especially after rigorous competition or as a protective measure against degenerative cartilaginous joint disease. Can be administered via injection or I.V, and is designed for use with horses, Greyhounds, camels, alpacas, and pigeons.

Red Acid injections are used to reduce inflammation and protect and repair joints in high performance race horses, thoroughbreds, quarter horses and racing camels. These concentrated injections are derived from natural sources and help to lubricate the joints and promote the joint’s natural visco-elastic properties. Designed for race horses, race camels, dogs, and Greyhounds.

Our comprehensive selection of high-quality joint supplements for your treasured animals helps to promote rapid healing and regeneration of cartilaginous joint structures. And, our extensive line of supplements and injections are offered at discount prices, so you can prioritize the health and wellness of your horses, camels, dogs, alpacas, or pigeons - without worrying about your overall animal care budget.