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Ranitidine Powder 90 Dose

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Ranitidine Powder 90 Dose

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Ranitidine Powder 90 Dose for horses, greyhounds, camels, alpacas, and pigeons.
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CONTENTS: Ranitidine Powder 90

COMPOSITION: Ranitidine Equine 9 g/ 5cc scoop

Ranitidine for horses is a common gastrointestinal treatment method used to reduce stomach acid production. Ranitidine for horses’ ulcers is used to treat ulcers that have already formed and are causing pain in your prized animals, and it can effectively prevent the formation of new ulcers by minimizing reflux, neutralizing excess stomach acids, and treating inflammation of the stomach or esophagus. Out Ranitidine formulation is an effective histamine receptor antagonist that powerfully inhibits stomach acid production that works by quelling heartburn and blocking the formation of dangerous peptic ulcers. This tried and tested formulation was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration over forty years ago and has proven both safe and effective when administered as directed.

Ranitidine for horses is used to protect your horse’s gastrointestinal system and safeguard against serious conditions in the future. Ulcers are a common medical concern in both foals and fully-grown horses, and while many cases may be mild enough that symptoms don’t readily present, it is important to first determine if your horse has an ulcer. Keep an eye out for the following symptoms or behavioral changes in your equine:

* Your horse’s eating or drinking habits change abruptly
* You witness noticeable weight loss in a short timeframe
* Recurring colic-like symptoms
* A general shift in disposition or attitude
* Grinding or gnashing teeth in response to pain

If your horse displays any of these behaviors, Ranitidine equine can help treat and manage the side effects of gastrointestinal ulcers.

The Ranitidine dosage for horses is one scoop orally administered three times per day. It is recommended that the dosage is given an hour before each meal.

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