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Respiratory / Breathing Agents

Browse our selection of the highest quality performance and respiratory wellness supplements on the market today - each finely crafted to deliver the utmost in care for your prized race or show animals. And, you’ll find a broad selection of horse breathing supplements to help your race or workhorse perform at its best. Horse respiratory supplements are commonly prescribed to minimize excess mucus across most equine breeds, and our injectable solutions help to break down the disulfide bonds in the mucus to make breathing easier and coughs more productive.

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  • Aceytle Cysteine 100mL

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  • Ambroxol 100mL

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  • Blast Off Breather 10mL

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  • Blast Off Distance 20mL

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  • Blast Off Hemo/Breather

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  • Flucort 100mL

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  • Synedem 30ml

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7 Item(s)

Discover high quality Aceytle Cysteine that is formulated to meet the highest standards in the veterinary pharmacy industry. Though this supplement is often prescribed as a dietary supplement that supports good liver health and boasts antioxidant properties, it is also incredibly effective as a horse respiratory supplement since it thins out mucus and can even counteract pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema, tuberculosis, COPD, and more in horses and other large animals.

You may also want to consider Ambroxal injections to help clear mucus and assist your animal in expectorating highly viscous mucus in their respiratory systems. Horses, dogs, camels, and racing dogs will benefit from the way Ambroxal opens up nasal passages, thins mucus, makes coughs more productive, and can even address chest infections, acute and chronic bronchitis, conjunctivitis, and more.

Flucort is another popular option in horse respiratory supplements, as it is an injectable solution that is incredibly potent and delivers serious anti-inflammatory properties for larger animals. It is so powerful that standard veterinarian recommendation is to deliver under the supervision of a medical professional, like a vet who has specific experience working with racing animals.

Most respiratory treatments available today help to reduce secretions in the mouth, airway, throat, and stomach, with the ultimate goal being easier breathing and a higher level of performance for hard working animals or horses, dogs, alpacas, camels, and other species who participate in sanctioned races. For more information about horse breathing supplements or other medicinal solutions aimed at dogs, horses, camels, and more, contact the health and wellness experts today at HorsePrerace.