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Sedatives / Calming Agents

Explore our extensive collection of the finest in calming supplements for horses - all ready for immediate shipping to help address the health and wellness concerns of your prized horses. Whether you own or oversee thoroughbreds, standardbreds, quarter horses, or show animals, calming supplements can help to minimize stress and anxiety in these often high-strung animals.

If your horse can be characterized as tense, unfocused, edgy, or nervous, consider introducing a calming supplement to help take the edge off of your horse’s behavior. By doing so, you’ll improve the disposition and temperament of your horse, while enhancing your steed’s sense of calm, confidence, and focus. If you feel that your horse could benefit from the calming effects of our assortment of healthy supplements, consider our selection of horse calming supplements below.

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  • Calm It Injection 100mL

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  • Delvorex Injection 100mL

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  • Pangamic Acid Injection 50mL

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  • Vitamin B1 Thiamine Injection 100mL

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Calm It Injection serum comes in a 100mL bottle and is ideally suited for use with nervous race horses and racing camels. Crafted of a proprietary blend of vitamins and amino acids, Calm It utilizes naturally-occurring Thiamine to help calm nervous or skittish horses and camels, and should be a part of a horse’s normal supplement regimen as it is water-soluble and moves through the body quite quickly. Calm It also contains Vitamin B1, which is best known for its ability to instill a sense of calm in horses when given in large doses. Calm It can help settle down horses that are nervous when introduced to a horse trailer or when driven from place to place.

Delvorex Injection serum is a potent combination of B-Complex and Amino Acids that have a long and proven track record of helping horses who are suffering from starvation or debilitating injuries. As a mood-enhancing or calming supplement, Delvorex acts as a pick-me-up and helps recovery post-race. Use it in electrolyte jugs to minimize the effects of exercise-induced depression after extensive exercise or racing. May be administered via injection - either intramuscular or intravenous, and is suited for use in horses, racing dogs, and racing camels.

Pangamic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against superoxide radicals and environmental toxins. It is a lipotropic supplement, which means that it lowers fat and cholesterol counts and boosts oxygenation of the blood. This can minimize fatigue and support a more robust immune system, helping to stave off illness, skin conditions, joint maladies, and more, and it can even regulate hormone levels to support appropriate temperament in your horse. Safe for use in virtually any race or show animal - including horses, alpacas, camels, and more.

Vitamin B1 Thiamine injections are ideally suited for use with horses, dogs, camels, and racing Greyhounds, and help to support the proper metabolism of amino acids and proteins in the animal’s system. Thiamine is a naturally-occurring substance that works especially well in calming horses when given in substantial doses. For horses that are naturally nervous or do not travel well, this supplement can quickly minimize excitability - even in naturally high-strung animals.

Horse calmers like the supplements on this page are specially engineered to safely and effectively empower your horse or other large animal to feel confident and calm - even in normally stressful situations. You can more easily manage your horse’s mood or disposition with horse calming supplements from HorsePrerace.