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Super Shot 10mL

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Super Shot 10mL

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Super Shot 10mL Horses Greyhounds Camels Alpacas Pigeons
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CONTENTS: Super Shot 10mL

Adenosine 5 monophosphate 160 mg/mL, diisopropylamine dichloracetate 100 mg/mL, arginine hydrochloride 100 mg/mL, lysine hydrochloride 50 mg/mL, glucose 100 mg/mL, adenosine triphosphate 2 mg/mL, sodium selenite 550 mg/mL in a 10mL sterile multidose glass vial

Super Shot is a natural blend of amino acids designed to eliminate tie-up and to increase performance in racehorses, greyhounds, dogs, and camels. Our super shot works by reducing the buildup of lactic acid in muscle cells through the combination of four effective products in one potent solution for oral use. Super shot is used in the routine support of competition animals under the stress of training and other demanding physical labor. As a performance enhancement, the active ingredient adenosine in the super shot is beneficial for the production of coronary vasodilation in anticipation of severe cardiac stress in athletic animals.

Designed to stimulate hepatic function and appetite in the face of physical stress during training, racing, convalescence, and recovery after illness or surgery, super shot can be used as an adjunct treatment of exposure to heavy metals, nitrites, and organophosphates. As a treatment for intoxicants, the super shot can be used in combination with the amino acids lysine and arginine for treatment.

10 mL within 4-6 hours of anticipated demanding physical labor. It is recommended that for events, you administer 10 mL the day prior to the event, and 10 mL the day of the event.

Store below 25℃ and protect from light.

Super Tie-Up (Nature Vet Tridenosen) is a supplement to support muscle function and recovery during training and strenuous exercise.
See also- Pain Stopper Pro (Mitachondral Injection), Adenosine Injection, Energy Max (Heptam), Super Tie Up (Nature Vet Tridenosen), Lactanase Injection

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