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Toltrazuril 32ml Paste

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Toltrazuril 32ml Paste



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Toltrazuril 32ml Paste Horses Greyhounds Camels Alpacas and Pigeons



Toltrazuril (Compare to the active ingredients of 35%) is the result of research efforts to help treat EPM. Thanks to its characteristics, it represents a new standard in coccidiosis control in Race Horses, Camels, Pigeons, Greyhounds & Alpacas.

Toltrazuril (Compare to the active ingredients of 35%) belongs to the chemical group of symmetric triazinons and is not chemically related to any other anticoccidial drug currently used in veterinary medicine. This is a 35% solution.

Due to its particular mode of action, which affects all intracellular structures of Coccidia, Toltrazuril (Compare the active ingredient of 5%) demonstrates very high efficacy, as shown by the following benefits:

- prevents or reduces the severity of lesions,
- stops oocyst shedding,
- improves growth rate,
- improves feed conversion.

These product characteristics make 35% suitable for both therapy and metaphylaxis in domesticated animals.

Toltrazuril represents a very important tool in the control of coccidia problems.

Toltrazuril damages all intracellular development stages of Eimeria (= Coccidia).

Toltrazuril affects schizonts, micro- and macrogametes, but not the tissue cells of the host animals, as was shown in light and electron microscopic studies. These findings suggest that toltrazuril interferes with the division of the nucleus and with the activity of the mitochondria, which is responsible for the respiratory metabolism of Coccidia. In the magrometes, toltrazuril damages the so-called wall-forming bodies. In all intracellular developmental stages, severe vacuolisation occurs due to inflation of the endoplasmatic reticulum. Toltrazuril thus has a coccidiocidal mode of action. The special mode of action results in the following advantages:

- toltrazuril acts on all intracellular developmental stages,
- toltrazuril does not interfere with the development of immunity,
- follow-up treatment usually is not necessary,
- even an advanced infection (after 3 5 days; gametogony) can still be treated successfully,
- the efficacy of toltrazuril is independent of the severity of the infection.

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  1. A must have if you have a horse and/or farm.

    By Bill

    Horses must have gotten into something in the field, they all started getting ill with coccidiosis. Within a few days of using this product they were all doing better. I highly recommend this product for anything coccidiosis related.
    Thank you for the service!

  2. Works great with cats

    By Sandy

    We have a few cats at our farm and they started getting sick, mixing the dose of this product in a cat treat worked well and the cats are doing well.
    Thank you for your amazing product and service!

  3. Does the job quickly.

    By Xander

    Worked well with a couple horses we had dealing with an infestation. May try the 200ml or 900ml next time I order.
    Overall great product and worked as expected.

  4. Worked for my mare's coccidiosis

    By Kathy M

    My mare became ill with coccid recently and it was suggested I use Toltra. I ordered and it came quickly and within days we saw a great improvement. She is now a happy horse.

  5. Great quality

    By Rider

    Product works well for coccidiosis in horses. used it a couple times now. Good company here.

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