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Discover our scientifically-backed Toltrazuril treatment, a powerful solution for avian parasitic infections.

“Toltrazuril significantly improved my flock’s health – a remarkable breakthrough in avian parasite management” 

– Jenna B., Poultry Farmer


Success Rate in Coccidiosis Treatment


Reduction in Parasitic Activity

Over 10000

Treated Successfully

Introducing TOLTRAZURIL:
The Future Of Avian Parasite Treatment

Utilize the power of advanced science to protect your chickens from parasitic threats.

Unmatched Efficacy in Combating Avian Parasites

Toltrazuril targets the root causes of parasitic infections in chickens, ensuring effective treatment without compromising their health. Its precision action fights against a broad spectrum of parasites, safeguarding your flock’s long-term wellbeing.

Simple and Safe Administration

Our user-friendly oral suspension is designed for easy administration to chickens. Toltrazuril’s safety profile makes it suitable for chicken of all ages and breeds, offering a reliable and stress-free solution for parasite management

Promoting Longevity and Productivity

Toltrazuril is more than a treatment; it’s a proactive measure for your chickens’ health. Regular use can prevent parasitic infections, helping your flock maintain optimal health and productivity, for a more prosperous poultry operation.

Choose a healthier future for your chickens with Toltrazuril.

Our treatment goes beyond addressing symptoms; it’s a long-term commitment to the health and productivity of your poultry.

join Countless satisfied poultry owners

Become a part of the community of satisfied poultry owners who trust Toltrazuril for treating parasitic infections. Experience the reassurance of a proven, effective solution for your chickens’ health challenges.

Fast-Acting Solution

“I was amazed at how quickly Toltrazuril addressed the parasitic issues in my flock. The improvement in their overall health was visible in just a few days. Outstanding support from the team made the process even smoother.” 

– Luis M., Poultry Farm Owner

Veterinary Recommendation

“As an avian veterinarian, I’ve seen firsthand the effectiveness of Toltrazuril in treating parasitic infections in chickens. It’s my go-to recommendation for poultry farmers seeking reliable parasite control.” 

– Dr. Karen G., DVM


Enhanced Flock Vitality

“Using Toltrazuril in my poultry farm has led to healthier chickens and increased egg production. The ease of use and quick results have made it an essential part of our health management routine.” 

– Simone D., Poultry Farm Owner

Safety and Efficacy

“I prioritize the well-being of my flock, so choosing a safe and effective treatment is crucial. Toltrazuril has met all my expectations, providing a dependable solution against parasites with no adverse effects.” 

– Raj P., Chicken Coop Manager

Streamlined Treatment Process

“Implementing Toltrazuril into our health care regimen was straightforward. The product’s effectiveness, coupled with the team’s prompt assistance, has significantly improved our flock’s health.” 

– Ana K., Poultry Farm Owner

Proven in Poultry Care

“Toltrazuril has transformed how we manage parasitic infections in our chickens. Its proven efficacy and the improvement in flock health are why I highly recommend it to other poultry owners.” 

– Geoff L., Poultry Farm Advisor

Who We Are

At HorsePrerace, we’re more than just a provider of avian health products; we’re committed to improving chicken health. Our mission is to offer innovative, research-based solutions like Toltrazuril, enhancing the health and productivity of chickens worldwide.

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