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Discover our scientifically-backed Toltrazuril treatment, a revolutionary solution against coccidiosis and other parasitic infections in dogs.

Toltrazuril was a lifesaver for my dog’s parasitic issues – an absolute breakthrough in treating coccidiosis!” 

– Leo T., Dog Owner


Success Rate in Coccidiosis Treatment


Reduction in Parasitic Activity

Over 5000

Treated Successfully

Introducing TOLTRAZURIL:
The Future Of Canine Parasite Treatment

Utilize the power of advanced science to protect your dog against a range of parasitic infections

Unmatched Efficacy in Fighting Canine Parasites

Toltrazuril effectively targets and treats coccidiosis, toxoplasmosis, and sarcocystis neurona in dogs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to parasitic infections. Its targeted action minimizes health risks, promoting long-term canine wellbeing.

Easy and Safe Administration

Our oral suspension is formulated for hassle-free administration in dogs of all ages and breeds. Toltrazuril’s safety profile provides peace of mind, providing a versatile and worry-free solution for parasitic treatment.

Long-Term Health and Vitality

Toltrazuril goes beyond just treating symptoms; it acts as a protective shield against common parasitic infections in dogs, helping maintain their vitality and health for a happier, longer life.

Embrace a future of robust health for your dog with Toltrazuril

Our treatment is not just a response to parasitic infections; it’s a proactive step in ensuring the long-term health and vitality of your canine companion

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Become part of the community of satisfied dog owners who trust Toltrazuril for treating parasitic infections. Experience the reassurance of a proven, effective solution for your dog’s health challenges.

Rapid Response to Treatment

“Toltrazuril’s impact on my dog’s health was immediate and remarkable. I noticed a significant improvement in their condition within days of starting treatment.”

– Rupert G., Dog Owner



“In my experience as a veterinarian, prescribing Toltrazuril for canine parasitic infections has consistently yielded positive results. It’s a reliable option for a range of parasitic challenges in dogs.” 

– Dr. Anita B., DVM

and Effective Solution

“Toltrazuril made treating my dog’s coccidiosis effortless. The fast shipping and excellent customer service from the team added to my positive experience.”

– Carlos E., Dog Owner

Canine Health Revolution

“After trying Toltrazuril for my dog’s toxoplasmosis, I was astounded by the quick recovery. The exceptional customer support and guidance I received was invaluable throughout the treatment process.”

– Naomi J., Dog Trainer

Simplifying Parasite Treatment

Administering Toltrazuril to my dogs was straightforward. The medication worked quickly, improving my dog’s health noticeably in a short period.” 

– Oliver T., Dog Breeder

Comprehensive Canine Care

“Toltrazuril has been a game-changer for dogs with parasitic infections. Its effectiveness, coupled with the speedy delivery and responsive customer care, makes it a top choice for pet owners.”

– Sophia L., Dog Trainer

Who We Are

At HorsePrerace, we are more than just a supplier of dog health products; we are devoted to the wellbeing of your canine friends. Our mission is to provide innovative, research-based solutions for dogs, enhancing their health and quality of life with state-of-the-art products like Toltrazuril.

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