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Discover our scientifically-backed Toltrazuril treatment, a revolutionary solution against EPM in horses.

“Toltrazuril transformed my horse’s health – a true game-changer for EPM treatment!”

– Derek H., Horse Owner


Success Rate in EPM Treatment


Reduction in Parasitic Activity

Over 1000

Horses Treated Successfully

Introducing TOLTRAZURIL:
The Future Of EMP Treatment

Harness the power of advanced science to ensure your horse’s wellbeing and performance.

Unparalleled Efficacy in Combatting EPM

Toltrazuril targets EPM’s root cause, ensuring effective treatment without compromising your horse’s health. Its precision action reduces the risk of neurological damage, safeguarding your horse’s long-term wellbeing and overall performance.

Easy and Safe Administration

Our user-friendly oral suspension is designed for stress-free administration. Toltrazuril’s safety profile makes it suitable for horses of various ages and breeds, offering a versatile and worry-free solution for EPM treatment.

Long-Term Health and Performance

Toltrazuril is more than a treatment; it’s a protective measure for your horse’s health. Regular use can help prevent EPM, ensuring your horse maintains peak performance and vitality, fostering a happier, healthier equine life.

Embrace a Future of Robust Health for Your Horse with Toltrazuril

Our treatment is not just a response to EPM; it’s a proactive step in ensuring the long-term health and performance of your equine companion.

join Countless satisfied horse owners

Join the community of satisfied horse owners who trust Toltrazuril for EPM treatment. Experience the reassurance of a proven, effective solution for your horse’s health challenges.

Safe and Effective

“I always worry about the side effects of medications on my horses, but Toltrazuril proved to be both effective and safe. It’s reassuring to know there’s a reliable treatment available for EPM that doesn’t compromise their overall well-being.” 

– Emily T., Horse Breeder

Ease of Use

“Dealing with EPM was a challenging experience, but Toltrazuril helped us overcome it. The simplicity of administering the medication and the prompt support from the HorsePrerace team made a difficult time much easier.” 

– John D., Ranch Manager

Unmatched Effectiveness

“I recommend Toltrazuril to anyone dealing with EPM in their horses. Its effectiveness is unmatched, and the improvement in my horse’s condition was remarkable. The customer support team also provided valuable guidance throughout the treatment.”

– Lisa M., Equestrian Club Director

Rapid Improvement

“I was really impressed with how quickly Toltrazuril worked for my mare. Within days, I saw a noticeable improvement in her health. Plus, the customer service team was incredibly helpful when I had questions about the treatment process.”

– Samantha K., Dressage Trainer


Veterinarian's Choice

“As a veterinarian specializing in equine health, I’ve prescribed Toltrazuril to several clients. The results have been consistently positive, with a significant reduction in EPM symptoms. It’s become a staple in my treatment plan for EPM.”

– Dr. Michael R., Equine Veterinarian

Racehorse Recovery

“Our racing horses are our pride and joy. When one of them contracted EPM, we were devastated. Toltrazuril was a game-changer. Not only did our horse recover quickly, but the ease of ordering and fast delivery from HorsePrerace made the entire process smoother.”

– Greg F., Racehorse Owner

Who We Are

At HorsePrerace, we’re more than a horse supplements company; we’re passionate advocates for equine health. Our journey began with a mission to provide innovative, research-based solutions for horses, striving to enhance their health and performance through cutting-edge products like Toltrazuril.

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