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One of the most potent and effective performance enhancers on the market today is Toltrazuril 5%, itself a powerful supplement that can help control coccidiosis in race horses, pigeons, camels, alpacas and greyhounds. It benefits the animal by minimizing the severity of lesions, and can help improve growth rate, feed conversion, and stops oocyst shedding. Toltrazuril is available for sale in Canada, Australia, and much of the Western world, but not the US. There are several iterations available today at to help support the health and wellness of your prized animal.

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  • Misoprostol Powder 42mg

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Misoprostol Powder is available in 30 dose jars (1.4mg/scoop) and is a prescription medication that is designed specifically to treat and fend off the onset of stomach ulcers - especially those that are the result of sustained use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like NSAIDS or aspirin. Misoprostol protects the delicate stomach lining by decreasing acid production, and it can prevent the occurrence of colonic ulcers or treat them into regression. Amazingly, two out of three horses today have colonic ulcers, so a daily dose of Misoprostol can help to support digestive health and wellness in your animal.

Toltrazuril 5% (200mL - 900mL) is used to treat the effects of EPM in animals both large and small. This solution effectively treats and controls coccidiosis by affecting the intracellular structures of Coccidia. It won’t interfere with immunity, follow-up treatments are generally not necessary, and it has proven effective at fighting even advanced infections. Toltrazuril for horses represents the gold standard for infection mitigation and EPM control.

Toltrazuril is available in a wide range of sizes to suit the specific animals in your stable. A 60mL paste single dose tube of the supplement is ready to control coccidiosis in your race horse, camel, pigeon, alpaca, or racing dog, and is demonstrates extremely high efficacy - even when used after the infection has taken hold.

If you’re ready to provide your prized animals with an enhanced barrier against infectious diseases - specifically EPM, order a batch of Toltrazuril today. You’ll enjoy quick shipping and value-oriented prices when you partner with us, and our performance and wellness supplements for horses, dogs, alpacas, pigeons, and camels will quickly elevate the condition of your important animals, while keeping your veterinary budget intact. Contact us today for more information about our performance and conditioning supplements designed specifically for hard working animals like yours.