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Vitamin Jug Injection 30mL

Vitamin Jug Injection 30mL

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Vitamin Jug Injection 30mL Horses Greyhounds Camels Alpacas Pigeons
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Vitamin Jug Injection 30mL Get a complete vitamin jug without the jug! This will be shipped as a 30ml sealed bottle. Remove the contents and place in a normal saline bag to give I.V. The contents of this bottle should be placed in a minimum of 1 Litre and can be placed in a 3 Litre bag of saline and infused slowly to produce a better effect. Contents Include: Hippirion 20mg/ml Cacco Copper 100mg/ml Vitamin C 250mg/ml B Complex 3000mcg/ml b12-5000 5000mcg/ml Folic Acid 5mg/ml For- Horses, Dogs, Greyhounds, Camels, & Alpacas FAQ: Q: How much fluid should I use? A: A minimum of one litre and preferably 3 litres Q: When is the best time to give? A: if you're giving before a race for a boost, you should give 3 days prior to event. If you are giving for recovery, you should use as close to post race as possible.

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