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What are Horse Supplements?

What are Horse Supplements?

If you haven’t looked at the benefits of horse supplements for your prized animals, you may want to consider investing today – here’s why!

There exists a wide variety of horse supplements on the market today that can help race horses, work horses, or even aging equines feel better, perform at a higher level, and recover faster. Whether your horse is a thoroughbred racer or a broad-shouldered draft horse, you’ll want to consider the benefits of adding horse supplements to your equine’s daily routine. Horse supplements offer a broad range of benefits, and the ideal blend can help your horse in numerous ways. Let’s look at the five main supplement categories to help you decide what’s right for your equine.

Performance Supplements: Most horse performance supplements are engineered to delay the onset of muscle-related fatigue and boost the horse’s replenishment of ATP – one of the key providers of energy to the muscles and other cells. Equine performance supplements help any healthy horse operate at peak performance by supporting better coordination of the horse’s muscle movements and by minimizing the negative effects of normal muscle fatigue. Race horses will typically enjoy a quicker recovery time after a race or during training runs, and the quicker muscle recovery helps horses feel better after strenuous activities. If you train jumping horses, endurance runners, dressage equines, or any other performing horse, you’ll want to consider the benefits of performance supplements for your hard-working animal.

Skin & Coat Supplements: A well-groomed horse is obviously a reflection on both the owner/trainer’s commitment to the animal, as well as an indicator of the overall health and wellness of the equine. To provide your horse with a smooth, shiny and sleek coat, it is vital that omega fatty acids be included in the diet plan. Supplements that include omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, flax seeds, fish oil and rice bran can help bring out the best in the horse’s coat. Fatty acids do more than just shine up the horse’s hide, though – they also support healthy oil production in the horse’s coat and can boost subcutaneous circulation, which are both important for beautifying the horse’s coat. More important than the well-groomed look, though, is the protective layer generated by the shiny coat. It can actually help minimize infections and keep bacteria at bay.

Joint Supplements: One of the most common supplements available for horses today is the joint supplement. A good-quality joint supplement can help prevent strains and aching joints in work horses, racing equines, and show animals, while equine joint supplements can also help repair joint conditions in aging horses that are simply feel the strains of old age. Most joint supplements designed for horses contain a combination of glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, MSM and other vital ingredients. The tangible benefits are reduced swelling, aching, joint stiffness, inflammation, and day-to-day wear on the delicate joints in a horse’s frame. Partner with your trainer and veterinarian and see if your horse could benefit from joint supplements – most can. If you can hear any audible clicks or cracking sounds when your horse is walking, that is an easy indicator that you may need to invest in joint supplements.

Calming Supplements: Your horse doesn’t necessarily have to be the skittish or nervous type to benefit from horse calming supplements. In fact, most horses benefit from these supplements as they provide a sense of focus and calm, and can help with irritability, anxiety, or a sense of nervousness in new situations. Show horses that are trucked from place to place in a trailer are good candidates for calming supplements, as many react negatively to the experience. Many calming supplements use natural additives like L-tryptophan, Vitamin B1, and raspberry leaves. If your horse seems edgy, tense or otherwise irritable, consider adding calming supplements to your equine’s daily routine.

Multi-Purpose Supplements: Imagine the benefits that humans get from taking a multi-vitamin, and you’ll have a good idea of the benefits a horse enjoys when taking a multi-purpose supplement. Designed more for general “maintenance” and upkeep of the horse’s current health condition rather than fixing an existing problem, multi-purpose supplements can balance a horse’s system, protect the joints, improve the look and feel of the coat, and even boost cardiovascular performance. Most multi-purpose supplements contain a special blend of amino acids, Vitamins A, C, D, and E, and joint-biased ingredients like glucosamine to deliver a whole-body boost that can reinvigorate an aging horse.

Horse supplements are incredibly important and can provide your prized equine with a higher quality of life, less pain in the joints and muscles, a higher endurance threshold, and a more balanced system. For more information about horse supplements, visit HorsePrerace today and discover a wide assortment of equine supplements that can make a real difference in your prized animal.


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